What is Lets Do Good?

LETS DO GOOD is an app and website that connect people in Zambia to enable sharing of food, clothing, household items and investment in small businesses. At LETS DO GOOD , we want to see a Zambia that is equal - where people share what they have. If you like to give and share, then the LETS DO GOOD app and website are definitely your platforms.

You can share a packet of sugar, salt, mealie- meal, bread, milk, cooking oil, freshly cooked meals, farm produce, cosmetics, detergents or a bag of groceries. We also make giving away used clothes and household items easy. You can share items like beds, computers, televisions, curtains, stoves, kitchen utensils, sofas among others.

When you use the LETS DO GOOD app or website, you join a community that is practical about fixing Zambia. Here we don’t praise problems, we FIX them immediately!

If someone is hungry, we CONNECT them to food. If someone needs a dress or jacket; bed or pot, we make that happen too. If you own a small business, we want to see you grow. We invite you to pitch your business ideas for crowdfunding on our platforms.

At LETS DO GOOD we strive to make life better every day, one post at a time! For more details, join our community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also email us any questions on [email protected] or call us on +260 964 729 972.