To Share

Simply, download the LETS DO GOOD app to your phone, register, add a clear photo of what you want to share, tell us a bit about the item – if its food, how fresh it is or expiry dates, when and where you would want the items picked up. This applies to both personal or business users.

Note: Do not share your residential address and public spaces like shopping centers, bus stops, fuel stations, restaurants or churches.

To Receive

To get the items, get into the app, register and browse the images, pick what you want, contact the sharer via a private message for details on availability and pick up point.

Note: Bear in mind that how you collect the items is your responsibility and observing time is important and respectful.

At LETS DO GOOD we truly believe that we can end poverty and inequality through sharing. If someone among us has more while another is hungry or cold, it is our commitment to connect these two and create magic that ends in smiles and laughter. And it is our joy to do this with you for FREE!


At LETS DO GOOD, we also provide NGOs and local businesses a visibility platform at affordable rates. We are excited to help you package your development and corporate social responsibility projects and profile them in our app.