Change Makers

Every day, ordinary people are making a difference in our communities. They are identifying problems and finding solutions. If you are a change-maker or know a community hero, send good photos, a video and story describing who they are, what they do for the community, the impact they are making and why they do what they do.

It could be that mother who sells vegetables by the roadside and has managed to send her children to school; the young man who mobilized his friends to build toilets in the community; that disabled young lady who took the initiative to start a community school under a tree; the lady who runs an orphanage, a community food bank; a counsellor helping victims of gender-based violence; the mental health champion. It could be a teacher, nurse, truck driver, musician, farmer, dancer, neighbour, innovator anyone creating positive change in the community.

Send us your story to [email protected] We want to celebrate these heroes with you and raise awareness about their work.